Regular Instigators...

A number of great guys have hung out together over the years. In the beer-induced haze that fogs the memory, this list may leave some brothers out. Feel free, however, to submit corrections.

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The Repeat Offenders include:

  • "P" A. †
  • William B.
  • Daniel B.
  • Alan C.
  • Kevin C.
  • David C.
  • Wally K.
  • Pradeep M.
  • Racine R.
  • Erich S. (emeritus)
  • Paul T.
  • Steve W.
  • Robert K. (Rest in peace, Brother—We love you!)

Others who have joined us for at least one Dad's night include: Greg B., Justin, John F., Micah H., Joel H., Alexei J., Jason K., Laeeq, Joe V., Tom M. (Wally's friend from Toronto) and that couple Wally knew from VT, Rob and Holly.

Guys who keep threatening to make it sometime—and at this point owe us several rounds—include: David E., Peter L., Rob R., Todd W. and Scotty N.

Last names abbreviated to protect the dubious.