January 15th, 2009

At Dan's suggestion we opted this month for Mudville 9, home of Tribeca's largest beer selection. Of course, not all of the 100+ beers are on draught, mind you, but still plenty of good ones to choose from. But what M9 is really known for is its wings. In addition to four heat-indices of Buffalo style, there are seven other styles including Asian styles (Thai, Polynesian and Teryaki) BBQ styles and Jamaican Jerk. We went for the Wing Ding: For $23 bucks, you get all the wings and french fries you can eat, with unlimited pitchers of beer for two hours! (It's not as easy as it sounds...)

Dan brought a colleague from work, Terry. Terry's a nice enough guy, but he has a wife and a cat. It takes a special kind of temperament to truly roll with The Dads. My friend Joanne could do it, but as a single parent, she qualifies as both a Dad and a Mom.

The wings were really great! We went for the Buffalo Medium, which were plenty hot for me. We also had some Smokey BBQ wings to die for. I can't remember, did we do the Jerk as well? Beer-wise, we got a list of eight draft beers to choose from, including Bud & Bud light (presumably for those who also order Buffalo Mild?). Still, the list included Victory Prima Pilsenser, Magic Hat Circus Boy, and Smuttynose Winter Ale, so it wasn't a complete scam.

It was a pretty good turnout for mid January. Sully had landed in the Hudson earlier that day, so Kevin was called to duty. In addition to Dan, Terry and myself, we were graced by David, William, "P", and the new guy, Robert, who fit in just fine.

The bottom photo was taken by our comely waitress. She told us her name was "Joy" but I didn't believe it for a New York second: As any true New Yorker can tell you, "There's no Joy in Mudville!"

We had a bonus day later in the month!

Steve, William, Beer, Wings and Fries

Exfoliate the roof of your mouth with Buffalo Medium!

Pure Joy: ":P,": Danny, Steve, Terry, David and Robert