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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Brewery Beer Notes
Bandwagon Brewery Peanut Butter Chocolate Stout Nice Roasty stout with a faint peanutty aftertaste. Really good!
Barrier Brewing Ruthless IPA A Rye IPA that's hoppy even to a hop lover.
Barrier Brewing Rembrandt Porter Fine, but hard to believe these guys won the F.X. Matt's trophy for best brewer in New York State...
Brewery Ommegang Ommegang Adoration God and yeasty, but a bit sour.
Captain Lawrence Brewing Captain's Reserve Imperial IPA ehh...
Chatham Brewing Scotch Ale Smoky Malted niceness.
Cortland Brewing Heifer-Weisse
(2nd tasting)
Still good! No spices, just Begian Yeast
Crossroads Brewing Outrage IPA It's okay. Won the Calen Prize.
Empire Brewing Cream Ale Cloudy at first, then clearing. Something off here
Empire Brewing White Aphro
(2nd tasting)
Still Awesome! What a great beer to finish TAP-NY with!
CH Evans Brewing Kick Ass Brown okay. Light on the mouthfeel.
Gilded Otter Belgian Spring Wit ??? Beer aroma sprayed over water.
Great South Bay Brewery Massive IPA okay.
Great South Bay Brewery Marauder Bourbon Barrell-Aged Scotch Ale Awesome! Nicely Balanced!
Greenport Harbor Brewing Black Duck Porter Roasted, not sweet.
Horseheads Brewing Hot-Jala-Heim
(2nd tasting)
Still Great! Hot stuff!
Keegan Ales Mother's Milk, Bourbon Cask (2nd tasting) Sublime again.
Kelso of Brooklyn Bourbon Barrell-Aged Recessionator Doppelbock Strong and Fantastic! A winner, worth coming back early for.
Rohrbach Brewing Vanilla Porter Excellent!!!
Rohrbach Brewing Scotch Ale Also nice.
Roosterfish Brewing Roosterfish Belgian Tripel Okay. A little too sweet. DNF.
Southampton Ales and Lagers Double White Ale Fruity and Crisp
Southampton Ales and Lagers Saison Deluxe Fruity, yeasty
Southampton Ales and Lagers Doppelbock Strong and crisp!