May 26, 2011

We'll always have Paris.

From the outside, this South Street pub looks lively and possibly even respectable in an otherwise neglected neighborhood left derelict after the Fulton Fish Market closed. Inside, it's always happenin'! While it doesn't leap to mind when one lists the city's top beer havens, there's always a respectable set of foreign and domestic beers on tap.

Tonight was no exception. I have a thing for a hot blonde: Leffe Blonde, to be specific. It's good! As one of my erstwhile colleagues (who shall remain nameless) put it: "It's like an angel came in my mouth!" Being an atheist, I don't really have any expertise in that area, but to my tastes, it's strongly yeasty, like a Chimay Ale. Truly, a fine quaff.

Dan and "P" each had Hoegaardens. Love this beer, but tonight it tasted a bit flat. Perhaps the keg was about to kick. My next and last beer was a Goose Island Summertime. Nice, with a big fruity finish! We had a lengthy discussion about women's fashion, with David persuasively pointing out the cultural references that serve as the inspiration for the predominant style of today. I love these guys—they can talk about anything.

Eventually, the accumulation of ethanol in our systems reached a point where we knew it had to be time to call it a night. As we grabbed our respective cabs, buses and subway trains, we made a solemn vow to do it all over again next month!

Paris Café
119 South Street,
New York, NY 10038
(212) 240-9797

"P" and Robert, looking serious

David and Steve, looking serious

Dan, Looking like Steve's finger is in front of the flash...

BrewCam™: Steve and Dan as they actually looked!